Who is Teka?

Orphan to Artist

My name is Maleteka Joy Haakonsen (Teka) and I was born in Maseru, the capital city of the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho on 8th January, 2001.

I am a Double orphan as a result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic that swept through Lesotho at that time, My Mom died whilst giving birth to me, from AIDS related complications. About 1 month later my Dad  also died from AIDS related illness.

I spent the next 6 and a half months alone in a hospital bed. I was a premature baby and only weighed 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) at birth, and tested HIV positive in the initial exam and was given very little chance to live. However by the grace of God I was seen in the hospital by a young missionary (Tanya Haakonsen) who was serving alongside her Mom and Dad in Lesotho.

Tanya and her Mom Sue would come in daily to help clean, feed and re-dress me along with 5 other babies in a different ward who had also tested HIV positive. These babies needed extra care due to the understaffing at the hospital. There was no anti retroviral medication available for us at that time. 

In July that year Sue and her husband Ray had been given permission to take babies out of the hospital and care for them. This led to the founding of Little Feet ministry, which later grew to a fully-fledged government approved Non Government Organisation called Beautiful Gate Lesotho  I was one of those initial babies and lived at Beautiful Gate for 2 and a half years after leaving the hospital

At the age of 3 I was finally released for adoption adopted into the Haakonsen family in 2004 and I have thankfully been part of this “Forever family” since. Since my birth I have had to fight as I faced many medical, physical, educational and emotional issues. After numerous attempts at ‘mainstream schools’ it became obvious they were not designed for my particular challenges. So some years back I began home-schooling. 

Through the years Ive enjoyed opportunities to take part in dance, singing, swimming and obviously ‘hanging’ with my friends. In the last 5 years especially I have developed a love and passion for art and have been tutored by an experienced and caring tutor by the name of Janice. With the combination of this passion, great tutoring and natural giftings, I am choosing to follow my heart for Art (Teka’sHeART) and pursue it as a career.

This page is to display my work now and in the future. I hope you will enjoy it and consider supporting me by investing in my work. 

Thank you,